Original web site

Below is a brief history of the original Venus Bay Wetlands web site, demonstrating the key role it played in the campaign.

Protest group

Alarmed at the developer's proposal to build 2000 houses on the Evergreen farm, a.k.a. the Venus Bay Wetlands, the protest group PAISE [Protecting Anderson Inlet and Significant Environs] was formed specifically to prevent inappropriate development on the wetlands. 

Extensive research and evidence based material was being collected and it was important to get these facts into the public arena. PAISE convenor and spokesperson, Beverley Walker, took responsibility for collating the information and Peter McClure created the original web site as the repository.

Spreading the word

The State and Federal Governments were lobbied with facts, mostly extracted from their own publications. The web site was key to ensuring that governments and authorities knew the public at large were aware that building on the Venus Bay Wetlands was inappropriate, and no amount of spin could overshadow the facts. The number of hits the site received demonstrated to politicians and the media the keen interest in the community.

Extensive media coverage, often referring to information published on the web site, along with well attended public meetings were sufficient to hinder the developer's application to rezone Evergreen, which to this day has not been presented to the South Gippsland Shire Council.

The web site also provided the public with easy access to our petition which was presented to the State Government.  

The hard work appears to have been worthwhile with the Victorian State Government since producing encouraging reports and correspondence.

View the old site

Development work on the old site ceased some time ago with most of the key points being incorporated into our current site. If you wish to see ‘where it all began’ click here to view the original site, 'warts and all'.

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