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Welcome to the online home of the project to save and enhance the Venus Bay wetlands. This site explains the community's plan for the wetlands as well as alerting visitors to the proposal the current owner has for building an urban subdivision on the site.

Zoe Daniel on ABC Radio on 8th June 2004 reported...

'Even though Venus Bay has only 500 permanent residents [as at 2006 permanent population has declined to around 350], this group has collected 4,000 signatures against development. Two public meetings have attracted up to 800 people and the plans [for the subdivision] have met with a resounding 'no', the community favouring a project to restore what they say is an environmentally sensitive site to a wetland.'

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The long held desire by many in our community to enhance our wetlands and ensure their protection for future generations gathered momentum in the community with the announcement by the developer to build a canal type housing estate of up to 2000 houses on the wetlands site.

The community at large is committed to stopping the housing estate and instead ensuring the wetlands are enhanced and saved for future generations. In addition to strong support from the local community organisation, the Tarwin Lower Venus Bay Association, we are receiving support and advice from national environmental bodies and local, state and federal politicians who realize the importance of the site.

We have researched based evidence to support our claims that the planned subdivision on the shore of Anderson Inlet is inappropriate and will cause irreversible damage to the environment and the biodiversity of the fish, fauna and flora of Anderson Inlet.

The wetlands site is currently occupied by a 348 hectare grazing property known as Evergreen - aptly named seeing as though vast areas are often underwater.

Venus Bay Wetlands Project