StratPlan 2005 

The Tarwin Lower and Venus Bay StratPlan 2005 is the latest in a series of consultations with the community in which ratepayers were asked for their views on the twin towns and how the area should be developed in the future.

The government funded report was prepared by The Try Consulting Group for the Tarwin Lower-Venus Bay Association.

The responses to the following questions demonstrate overwhelming community support for our campaign.

Q7 Would you support any proposal to expand the existing boundaries of the Venus Bay township through the rezoning and subdivision of adjacent agricultural land currently zoned 'Rural A'? Yes 18% Undecided 6% No 75% No response 1%
Q9 Would you support new subdivisions on areas surrounding Tarwin Lower and Venus Bay that are known to be susceptible to flooding? (Designated floodplains - ESO6) Yes 9% Undecided 6% No 83% No response 2%
Q25 How important is the natural environment of the area to you and your household? Extremely 83% Moderately 14% Not at all 1% No Response 2%
Q28 How important is the surrounding environment to the future prosperity and sustainability of Tarwin Lower and Venus Bay? Very Important 93% Undecided 4% Not important 2% No response 1%
Q29 Would you support initiatives from the community and/or local and state government to improve on the environmental qualities of the area e.g. wetland restoration, planting for wildlife corridors, feral animal control, roadkill prevention, the declaration of 'no go' areas? Yes 85% Undecided 9% No 4% No response 2%

To view the consultant's report as well as the complete questionnaire click here.

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