The Tarwin Lower Venus Bay Association (TLVBA) is an association of full-time, part-time residents, landowners and friends. Through its activities and in liaison with appropriate authorities, the Association seeks to develop and improve facilities and people services whilst maintaining a balanced concern for the natural assets of the area.

The organisation is committed to the principle of the 'interdependence' of our twin towns, which would see Tarwin Lower as the main centre for commercial growth and services while Venus Bay remain essentially recreational/residential with 'low key' convenience shopping and services.

The association has an annual elected committee which meets regularly throughout the year. Members are welcome to attend committee meetings. Members are informed of forthcoming issues and developments through a quarterly newsletter and are able to vote on motions at meetings.

The Annual General Meeting is held on the second Saturday in January. Committee meetings are held on the second Saturday in February, April, June, October and December. All meetings are held in the Venus Bay Community Centre and run from 10:30am to 12:00 noon. 

We offer a forum where your views can be heard, and the satisfaction that as a community we can improve our quality of life while preserving the beauty and tranquillity of the area.

We invite you to join us. Membership fees are $10 per annum.

Click here to download the TLVBA Membership Form in Adobe PDF format.

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StratPlan 2005

Click here to view the report and questionnaire response summary from the Tarwin Lower & Venus Bay Community StratPlan 2005.

Backed by the community, the TLVBA has a history of successes including:

Retaining the gravel roads which form much of the character of Venus Bay, in spite of two council attempts to bituminize
Stopping inappropriate development such as the then Woorayl Shire's plan to rezone a number of residential blocks in the 1st estate into around 80 commercial blocks
Ongoing opposition to enforced mains water and reticulated sewerage in lieu of the latest developments in on-site treatment plants more suited to the local environment
Maintained constructive dialogue with the local council and other authorities for almost 20 years
Community Support

Household membership of the association has experienced a 200% increase since the developer floated plans to cover the Evergreen wetlands with an urban subdivision of up to 2000 houses.

Based on previous reactions to inappropriate development proposals and the apparent lack of any pro-development lobby, we conservatively estimate well over 80% community opposition to the planned subdivision.

The association does not oppose progressive new developments per se and has a history of strongly supporting developments which are strategically, ecologically and economically appropriate.

The community is strongly behind  the association in its crusade to stop the intended subdivision and instead ensure the wetlands are returned to their former glory

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