UDF (Urban Design Framework) 

What is an Urban Design Framework?

As stated in Connell Wagner's - Planning to Meet Our Needs Newsletter...

'An Urban Design Framework (UDF) is a strategic planning document, prepared with input from the local community that presents a vision and future framework for the development of a town. The UDFs for the coastal towns in South Gippsland will:

 : Identify the capacity of each town in relation to its environment and capacity to sustain growth;
 : Direct and mange development and infrastructure pressures into defined settlement areas;
 : Develop broad planning principles for areas between defined settlements: and
 : Implement a coordinated planning and design approach across the region'

Draft UDF

The public were finally granted access to Version 7 of the Draft UDF in January 2006. The response best described by the newspaper headlines of the day.

'Coastal draft a shambles'

'Coastal plans miss the mark'

The Star The South Gippsland Sentinel Times
Tuesday 7th February 2006 Tuesday 7th February 2006


The most detailed of the numerous written submissions expressing concern with the draft document was that prepared by Beverley and Ken Walker who have given permission for it to be published on this site.

The submission comprised of a synopsis, forty-seven pages of detail accompanied by a number of appendices. The submission has been divided into a number of PDF files which can be accessed below.

To download the submission in Adobe PDF format you require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in, or another PDF file reader. To get the plug-in visit the Adobe site by clicking on the icon to the left.

Content File
Contents page
Article I - Extension of the Borders
Article II - Indigenous Heritage
Article III - Design and Development
Article IV - The Venus Bay Wetlands Project

UDF Response - Part 1

Article V - Wetland Conservation Incentives
Article VI - Flood Maps
UDF Response - Part 2
Article VII - Storm Surges
Article VIII - Acid Sulfate Soils
Article IX - On site Water Recycling and Sewage Disposal
UDF Response - Part 3
Article X - Competition Policy
Article XI - Population
Article XII - Flora and Fauna
Appendices (list of)
UDF Response - Part 4
Appendices File
Appendix I - EPA response on Peat Fire UDF Response - Appendix I
Appendix II - South Gippsland Planning Scheme - Strategic Framework Plan UDF Response - Appendix II
Appendix III - House of Representatives Question
UDF Response - Appendix III i
UDF Response - Appendix III ii
UDF Response - Appendix III iii
UDF Response - Appendix III iv Page 1
UDF Response - Appendix III iv Page 2
Appendix IV - Chemical Report on pH UDF Response - Appendix IV
Appendix V - Alternative Waste Water Management
UDF Response - Appendix V i
UDF Response - Appendix V ii Page 1
UDF Response - Appendix V ii Page 2
Appendix VI - Ecological  Vegetation Classes Map
UDF Response - Appendix VI i
UDF Response - Appendix VI ii
Appendix VII - Draft Landscape Significance Map UDF Response - Appendix VII


Venus Bay Wetlands Project