Our project 

Introduction to wetlands

Wetlands serve three main purposes:

a breeding ground for birds and fish species
a carbon sink or manager of greenhouse gases
a buffer to the effects of climate change.

Adjacent to Andersons Inlet are the Venus Bay wetlands, a large section of which forms the Evergreen farm.

Community vision

The community envisages a partnership between a specifically formed Venus Bay community committee, the South Gippsland Shire Council, various state and federal government instrumentalities and national organisations committed to sanctuary development and wetland restoration such (e.g. Trust for Nature, Wetland Care Australia, Coast Care, Landcare etc.) to buy back the Evergreen property into public ownership, incorporating it into the Cape Liptrap Coastal Park and establishing sustainable funding for restorative work and ongoing management.

Properly managed over time we would witness the gradual return of appropriate plant species, wetland birds and other fauna along with dramatic improvements in the marine health and bio-diversity of Anderson Inlet.

Initial informal talks with various officers of the West Gippsland Catchment Authority, the Department of Sustainability and Environment and the Gippsland Coastal Board reveal interest in the concept as each of these authorities have protection and restoration of wetlands within their charter. Possible funding sources have been discussed and there is much useful information available to assist.

Political support

The wetlands restoration proposal already has the support of regional environmental groups and expressions of interest from local political representatives of all major political parties, state and federal, and from the Federal Minister for the Environment and Shadow Minister for the Environment.

Information centre

The Evergreen farm house, which is situated at the end of Centre Road, within easy reach of the commercial centre, would be developed as a tourist information centre providing the project with funding through sales of refreshments, souvenirs and educational items.

Eco tourism trail

The Venus Bay Wetlands, sitting mid way between Philip Island and Wilson's Promontory, would form part of the South Gippsland Eco Tourism Trail.


Venus Bay Wetlands Project