Lorraine Norden
Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula Inc

Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula Inc

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I have held the position of Treasurer on the “Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula Inc” committee since incorporation on 26th April 2006.

During this period I have never had reason to consider my resignation from this position until now.

The deliberate actions regarding the “Friends” meeting with Dr Morrongiello – Venus Bay Pipi Study, by two members of the committee

to specifically exclude Beverley Walker and by default any other interested FVBP members from the meeting, breached the principles of

inclusiveness and transparency central to the aims and objectives of the “Friends”.

As one of two Executive members of the committee I was not consulted (for obvious reasons) about the format of the meeting.

I refuse to serve on a committee where some members feel free to run their private agendas. I therefore submit my resignation from the

position of Treasurer of the Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula Inc effective from 6th December 2015 .

Accounts will be balanced to
06/12/2015 for handover.



Kenneth Walker